VIII Bioinformatics Student Symposium


The VIII Bioinformatics Student Symposium is organized by RSG-Spain, an association of junior scientists in Bioinformatics based in Spain and satellite group of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), the largest scholar society in bioinformatics. Currently, RSG-Spain has six active local nodes in Madrid, Barcelona, Canarias, Granada, Euskadi and Cordoba.

Like in previous editions, this Symposium will include a day for research communications presented by students and a special career advice talk by senior scientists. As a novelty, the previous day will consist of a Meet&Greet with different relaxed activities. The event seeks to foster debate and collaborations among our network, also promoting RSG-Spain, the ISCB and the Student Council. In particular, the VII Student Symposium on Bioinformatics will be a great opportunity for RSG Spain members to meet together as our association has greatly grown in recent times and it spreads across several cities in the country. 

The target audience includes undergraduates, master students, PhD students and postdocs working on the field of Bioinformatics in Spain.

Red pill or blue pill? (or both?)

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Important dates:

  • Registering: July to September 2021
  • Deadline abstracts: 3/09/2021
  • Selected abstracts announcement: 15/09/2021

The program at a glance:

Meet the keynote speakers


Laura Furlong

Head of the Integrative Biomedical Informatics at GRIB (IMIM-UPF) & Co-founder of MedBioInformatics Solutions
Prof. Laura Furlong obtained a PhD. in Biology from Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2002. She then joined Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona as a postdoctoral researcher and, after graduating from the UPF MSc in Bioinformatics in 2007, she joined the Integrative Biomedical Informatics Research group, which she leads since 2011. Additionally, Prof. Furlong is an UPF associated lecturer since 2007 and member of the advisory boards of the Spanish Society of Health Informatics and the Gather Foundation. In her research, Prof. Furlong unravels the pathological mechanisms of human disease from a network’s perspective. To do so, her group develops bioinformatic methods for network analysis and text mining, and applies them to characterize disease and adverse drug effects. Fruit of her work are over 80 scientific papers and 4 PhD. theses, as well as the knowledge platform on disease genomics DisGeNET. DisGeNET is the flagship product of MedBioinformatics Solutions, the spin-off company that she co-founded in 2020 to provide genomics tools and know-how for precision medicine and pharmaceutical R&D. Together with her academic and entrepreneurial successes, Prof. Furlong has been very active on sharing her scientific knowledge by teaching courses on network analysis and visualization, biocomputing and health informatics in prestigious research centers in Spain and abroad.

Arcadi Navarro

ICREA Research Professor at Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF)
Prof. Arcadi Navarro recieved a PhD. in Genetics at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in 1998. After a postdoctal stay in Edinburgh University, he set base at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology of UPF-CSIC, being appointed Research Professor in 2006, Professor of Genetics in 2010, and Director of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences in 2013. In 2016, his career took a twist to become the Secretary of Universities and Research of La Generalitat, returning to UPF in 2019 and becoming the Director of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation in 2020. Intrigued by the genomic footprints of evolutionary processes, Prof. Navarro interrogates genomic variablity to understand how evolutionary forces shape our genomes and what are their consequences on biodiversity, ageing and disease susceptibility. Prof. Navarro has provided answers to these very relevant questions in over 140 papers, books and over 20 conferences. Moreover, he is an active mentor, teaching at undergraduate and graduate level and having supervised 10 PhD. theses. Lastly, Prof. Navarro is also commited with communicating science to the public, and proof of this are his awards on the 11th European Scientific Divulgation Award (University of Valencia, 2005), and the Casa de las Ciencias Scientific Divulgation Award (A Coruña City Hall, 2007).
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